Cat Burglar

A day where nothing goes wrong, I wonder what that’s like. I had planned to spend my last day in San Diego at the beach, mentally preparing for LA. Instead I spent a significant portion of the morning locked out of my room at my host’s house. First I tried picking the lock with a bobby pin, then a credit card. Then I remembered how nice everyone in San Diego is. I knocked on several doors, and even though people were home they didn’t answer. Maybe I have a certain serial killer je ne sais quoi. That would at least explain why it’s been so hard to find a new apartment. Since I was being treated like a criminal, I had no choice but to act like one. I finally decided to break into the bedroom via the window. Not a problem, I do it all the time. I lose things with such reliability that my parents don’t even give me keys to their house anymore, so I’m basically a part time burglar when I’m visiting. I’m used to shimmying windows open from the outside and crawling on in. Luckily I wasn’t the first person to try and break into this particular room. The screen was already bent, so it’s definitely very likely that I didn’t cause any property damage at all! After vaulting myself into the room and popping the screen back into place(ish) I jumped in the shower where the cats watched me intently through the glass door. Creepy bastards.

Cute right? WRONG. EVIL.

These cats are adorable and I really liked them, but they can get super weird. It was their fault that I locked myself out in the first place, in an attempt to keep them out of my room. The night before I was head over heels for Claude and Little Cat. Then I stopped giving them attention, at 4am, and they freaked out. They both stalked around my head, purring loudly while their eyes were locked on me. By 4:30 I had tricked them into leaving the room but then they got even angrier, scratching and howling. They’re cute animals but it’s Beagles for me. Any self-respecting dog would be in a coma at 4am and it certainly wouldn’t be so spiteful as to lock me out of my room the next morning, which is totally what happened.

When I finally headed out for the day I went to La Jolla (Hoya) beach. The town itself was disappointingly similar to what I fear LA will be like. The most interesting thing to do was to hop along rocks that jutted out into the water.

Some rocks looked like a moon scape…
…others looked like your brain on drugs.









The rocks led up to this little cave that looked out onto the Pacific and I stood out there listening to the waves crash and having this beautiful solitary moment. And that’s when I saw them, SEA LIONS, a whole troupe of them.


They were taking turns diving into the water and barking back and forth at one another and completely ignoring my existence and it was just one of those peaceful, perfect moments I’ll never forget. San Diego, you haven’t seen the last of me. But for now, onward!

4th Mexican meal in a row…completely shameless.

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