A Sydney Walkabout

Our second and third days in Sydney involved an intense amount of walking. After pilates in the park we couldn’t think of much to do except find another park to read in, we really can’t be tamed. So we walked for hours and arrived at a less than mediocre park and got lost on the way back, but that did cause us to pass by the Olympic stadium which we then added to and immediately crossed off our mental checklists of things to do in Australia. The day seemed to be a total flop until we wandered into an outdoor-gear store and met an American who was really enthusiastic about my outerwear

What Icebreaker jacket is that!?”
“I dunno whichever one was on sale last winter.”
“Can I touch it?”
“Um, sure?”

but it paid off to let the nice American boy fondle my jacket because we got into a lengthy conversation about what to do on our last day in Sydney and he recommended Bondi Beach.

I’d heard of Bondi but it sounded a little bit like the Jersey Shore and thus wasn’t on the top of my list for Sydney. The outdoorsy guy said we might see whales so the next morning we trekked out to Bondi via train and bus. There were no whales, but we had an absolutely perfect day, a long walk around the pristine shore. We came to some cliffs that were blocked off and had a conversation that went like this: “Do you think we…” “Yes.” And we hopped over onto a cliff with the most breathtaking view. And we did some yoga poses, because that’s a thing we do now in Australia so get used to it.

image (12)

And we took this picture at Tamarama beach. Because: Saramara at Tamarama. Yup.

image (14)

That night we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out but Sydney doesn’t have too many cheap restaurants and the most decent thing we could find was a half hour walk in the brisk evening air. To warm ourselves up we filled a water bottle with wine and created a drinking game: a swig whenever we got to a red light or saw someone overdressed for the weather in a hat or scarf. I don’t know why I’ve never played a drinking game walking around in New York, it makes winter much more palatable.

The next day we headed to the Gold Coast via Brisbane which actually was like the Jersey shore right down to some creepy men asking us to take a photo with them. It was a wonder of a day with bank accounts not working, Brisbane’s confusing highway signs (more and more like New Jersey now that I think about it!) and the stress of renting a car and learning to drive on the wrong side of the road. But it was nothing some Riesling and peanut butter sandwiches on the beach couldn’t fix. We’re thrifty but we’re classy, damn it. Remember, it’s winter.

winter sam

Technically winter is here but that’s not how the quote goes on Breaking Game of Hunger Thrones or whatever it is. Later that night we cooked a nice big vegan dinner and sat outside in, again, the dead of winter- eating and drinking with some hilarious folks at our hostel and laughing about all the people who couldn’t fathom why I’d want to come to Australia.


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